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You can contact us by phone fax or E-mail at info@clubelec.com or save time using our web site tools :

How to proceed

1 -  Click on Search and access a Database daily updated of 6 000 000 millions lines of references of electronic components both active and passive which totalize around 10 billions parts.
Select the part you are looking for and the quantity you need and send us your request for quote. In"comments" please add any relevant information such as leadtime, date code restrictions, alternate parts.etc.
Give us some information about your company and choose your password.Next time you will only have to type your password to submit your request.

IMPORTANT : This request for quote does not bind you with Club Electronics and remains strictly confidential.
TIP : In order to send us requests on more than one part number, you will have to come back at the Search page and type the new part number, then again your password. So choose an easy and short  password.

This worlwide Database includes offers from distributors all over the world with our stock and our customers excess.
To check the extract of our stock click on Stock

2 - It can happen you can not find the parts you are looking for. We have other
ressources , click on Requirements , complete the form and send us your request.

As soon as we receive your requirements, an E-mail of acknowledgement is sent to you and our customer service will immediately check the availability and the quality of the parts you requested and select the most accurate batch.You will receive in the next 24 hours by Fax and E-mail a reliable Quotation .

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