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CLUB ELECTRONICS as a leading independent international distributor of
electronic components serves medium to large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on both supply side and marketing their excess inventories :

    -  100 or 10 000 components are missing to finish these board level
        components and you need them in one week in order to keep your
        production lines running.
    -  You have just been informed this Motorola component is under allocation or
        obsolete and you use it every day.
    -  You experience difficulty in sourcing this semiconductor product from
        manufacturers or large franchised distributors.
    -  You can not find these ceramic military references "883" ...
    -  You want to optimize your asset management activities and liquidate
        discreetly your surplus or redundant stock of electronic components.


          - A worldwide network of qualified vendors and buyers :

              Franchised and independent Distributors
              European, American and Asian Brokers
              Foreign and French original equipment manufacturers
              who commit us to market their excess inventory

            - A permanent warehouse inventory of 20 000 lines of items from
             1975 to 2006

            - A state of the art logistic system, to source, check and deliver just
              in time the exact parts you need
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  CLUB ELECTRONICS 17,rue Jeanne Braconnier 92360 Meudon   info@clubelec.com Phone : +33 158 171 515 Fax : +33 158 171 516
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  A state of the art logistic system, to source, check and deliver just in time the exact parts you need